27 Oktober 2008

Our trip to the Pinnacles

Our first excursion out of Perth with Heike and Thomas saw us heading north to the Pinnacles and Nambung National Park. First stop: the Cataby Roadhouse along the Brand Highway. Heike and Thomas were amazed by the long road trains and the vast space of the semi-outback. And in the picture you can see an important moment - Heike's about to discover for the first time how delicious Kingston biscuits are. Now she's planning to take a suitcase full of them back to Switzerland.

Unsere ersten Ausflug war richtung Norden, nach "The Pinnacles" in Nambung National Park. Dieses Bild zeigt unsere Rest-stop an Cataby Roadhouse, und Heike isst zum ersten Mal die leckere "Kingston Biscuits" - jetzt will sie diese Kekse nach der Schweiz bringen.

At the Pinnacles, Heike's keen wildlife-spotting eyes found this big lizard, which we later discovered is a Gould's monitor. Great skin and a funky walking style!

Heike war die erste, die diese "Gould's Monitor" gesehen hat. Er bewegt sich ganz komisch aber sieht schoen aus.

And finally, some photos at the Pinnacles. This unusual desert is a really special part of Western Australia and we spent a couple of hours exploring it.

Und hier sind wir in "The Pinnacles", eine komische Wuesste mit viele Sauele ... schwer zu erklaeren. Es ist eine ganz grosse Park und wirklich einmalig.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice hairstyle (women at first picture)! :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Interesting blog. Found you through Blogs of the World. I've never been to Australia so it's great that you include so many photos.

I love the two language idea :)