20 Juni 2010

Ruben is getting bigger

He's now over 5 kg in weight and 66 cm long.
Er ist jetzt schon ueber 5 kg schwer und 66 cm lang.

10 Juni 2010

Sara the attack cat

Jan thinks there are too many photos of Ruben on this blog at the moment - which is funny because he put them all here! (It might say "posted by Amanda" but it's usually Jan logging in under my name).

So to break up the Ruben barrage a bit, here's Sara. We have a plaque at the front of our house, left by the previous owners, which warns visitors of the "attack cat". I'm trying to train Sara to live up to this reputation.

02 Juni 2010

The first (short) video of Ruben

For the benefit of family and friends far away! Just a quick test to check that you guys can see this video of our cute little man. Just click the play button on the left side above and Ruben will appear!