21 September 2008

Jan's Australian hobby

Jan will probably kill me for posting this photo, but his golfing buddy (and our good friend) Rodrigo just sent it to me - actually, he told me it's a picture of Tiger Woods but it looks more like my husband to me. Jan and Rodrigo have started playing golf together and although their ability is apparently not (yet) high, they're having a lot of fun.

Jan spielt jetzt Golf! Und mit diesem Bild habe ich den Beweis, dass er und sein Freund Rodrigo spielen wirklich, nicht nur Bier trinken gehen. Anscheinend spielen die beiden noch nicht sehr gut, aber die haben eine Menge Spass daran.

13 September 2008

Colombian cooking night: Claudia cooks ajiaco

This happened way back in July, but yes, we've been so busy we haven't updated this site recently - sorry! Anyway, our dear friends Claudia and Rodrigo invited us round for dinner and we had delicious ajiaco. It's a Colombian soup which even has a Wikipedia entry if you want to know more - we can assure you it's delicious. It's the second time they've made it for us - the first was the very first time we all had dinner together - and this time Claudia tried to teach Amanda how to do it (we'll see if that works out!).

Obwohl diesen Abendessen bei Claudia und Rodrigo war in Juli, wir sind gerade dazu gekommen, diese Fotos zu veroeffentlichen. Sorry! Claudia hat fuer uns Ajiaco gekocht - eine kolombianische Suppe, und sehr lecker.

Jan, Rodrigo and Claudia about to eat ajiaco