07 September 2007

Housewarming Party

In August haben wir unseren Umzug gefeiert. In Australien heisst das "Housewarming" und wir haben viele Freunde eingeladet, um mitzufeiern. Oben: Familie (Doris, Zoe, Vera, Barry und Geoff); Unten: Claire, Sus und Matt.

In August we finally celebrated our move with a housewarming party. Above you can see some family members: Doris, Zoe, Vera, Barry and Geoff, and below, some friends: Claire, Sus and Matt.

More friends at our housewarming party: Matt and Sus's son Cameron and Trixie's granddaughter Olivia became firm friends; below, Amanda's students and colleagues: Ji Eun, Simon, Yuna, Erika and Takako. About 15 nations were represented at our housewarming!

Noch mehr Freunde bei unsere Party: oben sieht man den Sohn von Matt and Sus (Cameron) und seine neue Freundin Olivia; unten sind Amandas Schueler und Kollegen, Ji Eun, Simon, Yuna, Erika and Takako. Leute von ungefaehr 15 Laende waren bei unsere Party.

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katrina hat gesagt…

Right woman, I have only just realised you have FIVE (yes peeps, that's 5!) blogs that I have to subscribe to, and I have just chanced upon this one with pics of your housewarming which I didnae make it to as I was overwhelmed by UWA Humanities information rubbish. Anyhoo, can you please tell me why I recognise "Matt"? Did he live next door to Claire in some forgotten half century come lifetime ago? His face is familiar ... Expect more comments, but I may not click on any ads as I am trying to read through the fab GoogleReader. I will try to remember to do so though, so's you can afford to put more chlorine in your pool for me to come around swimming (only if I bring cake, of course). Ramble over ... x